Sexy New Series from Skye Jordan!

Forbidden Fling
Series: Wildwood #1
Author: Skye Jordan
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Red's Rating: 4 Sexy Stars!!

After the death of her father, and the city's impending plans to condemn his business, Delaney Hart is forced to return home, and face her demons head on. She never planned to come back to this place, it's a place filled with haunting memories, insurmountable regret, and people filled with rage, she created, who hoped she'd returned home. The minute she arrives she finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place, on one hand she wants to try and save the bar so her sisters can carry on the family legacy, but on the other, the money she'd have to sink into it to get it inhabitable again will take all her life savings, and if the city goes ahead with their plans to condemn it will ruin the good name she's fought so hard to make for herself. And to make matters worse the man she chose to have a little one night stand with on her first night in town, just so happens to be the city's building inspector, and a man who has ties to her haunting past...

The minute Ethan Hayes laid eyes on the beauty pacing in the dark in front of one of the city's most notorious buildings, he knows it's the woman who captured his attention so many years ago. And as soon as he approaches her, the air between them starts to crackle with an undeniable spark, and he also realizes she has no idea who he is. And on some level he is okay with that, because he knows it may just ruin whatever this is that's happening between them now, and he's not ready to let it go just yet...

This sexy little story captured my attention from the get-go, and had me swiping the pages like a madwoman to see what would happen between these two next!! Delaney and Ethan's story is full of promise, passion, humor, and toe curling loves scenes that will leave you blushing! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these two, and can't wait to see what becomes of them, their family members and friends in future installments! Highly recommend this one, it is sure to give you the feels and have you swooning long after the last page is swiped!!

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Montlake Romance in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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