Super Sexy New Series from J. Kenner!

Dirtiest Secret
Series: S.I.N. #1
Author: J. Kenner
Publisher: Bantam
Red's Rating: 5 Scorching Stars!

Dallas Sykes is a renowned playboy with an impenetrable heart, he knows exactly what he wants and has no qualms about asking women for it... he craves their undivided attention in the bedroom, with the understanding that is the only part of him that they'll ever have. He doesn't do relationships, mainly because he doesn't have it in him to give that part of himself to someone else, or the ability to trust them, so he settles for meaningless nights between the sheets making women's wildest fantasies come true. He hides behind his moniker The King of Fuck, and keeps everyone at an arms length... including the one person who knows him better than anyone, his "sister" Jane. They share an incredibly disturbing past, and it's bonded them in ways no one will ever understand... it's a dirty little secret that they just aren't ready to share.

From the moment I started this read I was completely hooked, and the completely mesmerized by enigmatic billionaire playboy Dallas Sykes, he commanded my undivided attention from start to finish! After reading the synopsis for this one I suspected I was about to dive into a red hot read, and MY OH MY WAS IT EVER!! The minute Dallas stepped onto the page things started to smolder, and with each page I swiped the hotter things got, and the harder I fell for the sexy billionaire with a VERY naughty side!! This was my first book by this author, and I have to say she made one hell of a first impression, and earned herself a spot on my go-to authors list!! This story was HOT! HOT! HOT!, and devoured every delectable piece of it in one sitting, and can't wait to submerse myself into the next book in the series!!

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