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A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor
Author: Victoria James
Series: Shadow Creek, Montana #6
Releases On: November 12, 2018

Fall in love this holiday season with this heartwarming story about finding romance, the magic of Christmas, and the importance of family... 

Children's bookstore owner Addie Mayberry believes in the magic of Christmas. Or at least, she used to. So when a young customer needs some seasonal optimism, Addie sets out to give the vulnerable, heartbroken little girl the best Christmas ever. Which means helping the hottest man in Shadow Creek, Bella's surgeon father, find his holiday spirit. Addie's up to the challenge, but between tree decorating and late night talks, she realizes she's starting to fall hard for the one man she definitely shouldn't. 

Drew Barrett drastically changed his fast-paced life when he moved back to Shadow Creek, but it was all worth it to give his daughter a better life. He wasn't exactly winning dad-of-the-year awards before, so he's determined to make it up to Bella. And with Addie's help, he's slowly repairing his relationship with his daughter. The last thing he wants is to fall in love, since that road only leads to pain, but he can't stop thinking about Addie. Not only is she gorgeous, sweet, and great with Bella, she fills something in him he never knew was missing. But Addie wants forever, which is more than Drew can offer...

Victoria James is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

Victoria always knew she wanted to be a writer and in grade five, she penned her first story, bound it (with staples and a cardboard cover) and did all the illustrations herself. Luckily, this book will never see the light of day again.

In high school she fell in love with historical romance and then contemporary romance. After graduating University with an English Literature degree, Victoria pursued a degree in Interior Design and then opened her own business. After her first child, Victoria knew it was time to fulfill her dream of writing romantic fiction.

Victoria is a hopeless romantic who is living her dream, penning happily-ever-after’s for her characters in between managing kids and the family business. Writing on a laptop in the middle of the country in a rambling old Victorian house would be ideal, but she’s quite content living in suburbia with her husband, their two young children, and very bad cat.
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After realizing his fast paced city life wasn't conducive to raising a child on his own, Drew Barrett decided it might be time to take a step back from that lifestyle, for something a little calmer. And he knew returning to Shadow Creek would give them just what they needed, a quieter life, one where he could still do what he loved, but also give Bella the good, wholesome life she deserved. What he never wanted or expected to find there was love, the moment his daughter befriends a local shop owner and they bond over their love of Christmas everything changes. This change isn't easily received, at first, it takes a persistent little girl and the magic of Christmas to turn it into a miracle they all needed!

A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor is a beautifully crafted tale that will give a nice little tug on the heartstrings and leave you heart full of joy! I am a sucker for heartwarming single parent stories and this book definitely had all of feels and then some. These well crafted characters wandered onto the page, lured me into their world, and made me feel right at home, as if I were meant to be there all along. Early on I developed quite an attachment to them, Drew had a lot of old hurt to work through, and was quite adamant love wasn't part of his life plan, but love had other plans for him. I enjoyed watching him maneuver through all the unexpected changes in his life, and find the courage to open his heart to love again, Addie and him were a perfect pairing. If you are looking for a wholesome, feel good Christmas story, I highly recommend you pick this one up, it's certain to warm your heart and bring on some holiday spirit!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving an honest opinion.

ARC received via NetGalley Request


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