Refreshing First Read by Kelsey Browning!!

Allie Shelby takes great pride in helping women rediscover their identities, reclaim their inner strength, and explore their sexual side through therapy at Personal Assests. After college she returned home, took out a loan from her father's bank, and opened her therapy business in an effort to help the women residing in her little town. While her father didn't approve of her career choice, he still gave her the loan, with the hope that her little business venture would be a flop and she'd decide to take up a more reputable career. After the passing of her mother her father has taken his parenting role a little overboard, and has tried to control Allie's every move and decision, so she sees her business as not only a way to help others, but also help her gain a little independence too, and finally free herself from her father's clutches. 

When she challenges her clients to push their sexual limits a little, they decide to challenge her to practice what she preaches, and encourage her to indulge in a little strings free rendezvous, so she decides to see if her childhood crush is up for some fun. Cameron Wright caught her eye long ago and when she hears he's returned home to open a new business she decides he's the perfect companion for her little strings free mission. Cameron is more than willing to take her up on her offer, but he's a nervous about the strings free part, he's sewed his wild oats and is now ready to settle down, now he just has to convince her that is what she wants to...

This was my first encounter with Ms. Browning's work, and I can say with complete certainty that it won't be my last! I loved reading Cameron and Allie's story, and I look forward to seeing what the she has in store for the other characters in the series. The story line was very engaging, inventive, and unlike anything else that I have read in a while, which made for a very refreshing first read. I highly recommend you add this series to your reading list, it's sure to satisfy all your reading needs, and then some! 

ARC kindly provided in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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