Have You Met Rory Jackson Yet??

Series: Seattle Sharks Book 2
Author: Samantha Whiskey
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5 Smoking Hot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!


As the Seattle Sharks number one Enforcer, nothing means more to me than hockey. I live and breathe the game.

But when my short-temper gets me into one too many late night brawls, Coach threatens to bench me if I don’t clean up my act. It’ll take more than me changing my nightlife—the media needs this bad boy to go good.

Paige Turner—the gorgeous, off-limits best friend of my bro’s fiancée—has the solution.

About to take over as acting CEO of her family’s multi-billion-dollar corporation, she’ll have to sign a morality clause basically kissing any wild-life she wanted goodbye. Her proposition?

I, Rory Jackson—the panty dropper and bed hopper of the Sharks—give her an exclusive relationship for three entire months. Her wholesome image will only brighten my dark one in the press’ eyes, and I can help her check off some wicked naughty tasks on her very specific dirty-girl bucket list.

If I screw up and get arrested again, she’ll lose everything she’s worked her entire life for, but what terrifies me most? At the end of the three months, I won’t want to let her go, and with that morality clause—she can't keep me.

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Meet The Author:

Samantha Whiskey

Samantha Whiskey is a wife, mom, lover of her dogs and romance novels. No stranger to hockey, hot alpha males, and a high dose of awkwardness, she tucks herself away to write books her PTA will never know about.

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Here Is My Review Of Enforcer:

Paige Turner is about to take over the family business, full well knowing the minute she does her whole life will begin to revolve around every facet of it, and her personal life will become even more non-existent than it is now. So, with the help of her friends, they devise of naughty activity list for her to complete before she has to give up fun for the sake of the business, and there is one thing on that list that Paige is dying to complete... one night with the ridiculously sexy hockey god Rory Jackson! Every time she sees him it is all she can do to keep her need for him under wraps, he is gorgeous as hell, and from what she has heard he is just as good with his on hands on the ice as he is off the ice and she is all for finding out if the rumor is true! Now she just has to find a way to lure him in...

Rory Jackson has had a thing for Paige Turner for some time now, but has never worked up the courage to go after what he wants, mainly because they come from different worlds and he will never fit into hers. But he gets the surprise of his life when she shows up on his doorstep with a contract in hand, and she wants things from him that he thought little Miss Prim and Proper would never be capable of, and damn if it isn't tempting to take her up on her offer. Problem is he knows he'll never be good enough for her, and as much as his explosive temper gets him into trouble he is certain that one explosion on or off the ice could be detrimental to her work life... so he knows he should take a pass on this one... but then again, what could three months hurt?

From the moment I started this one I knew I had stumbled onto a good read, one that was certain to leave a mark, and boy did it ever! These two lead completely different lives, but sometimes chemistry and love know no bounds, and lucky for them they let their hearts lead the way for once, and they found something truly special... and completely unexpected. Even with their obvious differences they complimented each other nicely, when the outside world was against them they remained strong, and in the end love won out, and I am so thankful to have had a front row seat to the show. This story was pretty amazing, it warmed my heart, stirred my emotions, and had me blushing on several occasions, and I loved every single minute of it! Highly recommend this one it is sure to give you the feels and leave you with a happy heart!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.


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