Kane Is Here, Are You Ready For Him??

Series: Face-Off Series #2
Author: Jillian Quinn
Publisher: Penn Publishing
Red's Rating: 
5 AMAZING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

As the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, Tyler Kane has an ego the size of his hockey stick. He’s hot as puck, outscores all the centers in the league, and can get any girl he wants. Except the girl he wants is off-limits, a constant reminder of the bad decisions he made in the past. Until he meets Kennedy Lockwood, a feisty sports reporter that challenges Tyler and forces him out of his comfort zone.

He should leave her alone and spare her the drama that comes with his life outside the rink. But she insists there’s more to his story, wants to crack the ice around his heart and expose his secrets in the process. When Tyler agrees to an exclusive interview with Kennedy, he had every intention for it to end with smoking hot sex.

But he didn’t realize the sexy blonde who writes about hockey players and their big sticks would be the one to hit him the hardest.

Kane is a standalone hockey romance novel with a HEA and the second book in the Face-Off Series. This book can be read without reading the first book, but it is recommended to read them in order.

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Meet The Author:
Jillian Quinn
Jillian loves Mafia men, sports, bad boys, dirty talkers, strong female characters, and books with plenty of heat, all of which you will find in her books. As a lover of all things bookish, she has a serious book hoarding problem and runs a book blog in her free time. When she's not reading, writing, or blogging, she's obsessively fangirling over hockey players and can be found wherever she can catch the next hockey game.

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Here Is My Review Of Kane:

Kennedy Lockwood is desperate to keep her online paper afloat, all she needs is a newsworthy tell all that will bring in some revenue, and improve readership... and she has her sights set on a certain sexy hockey player to be the one to help her get it done. Tyler Kane is normally tight lipped about his personal life, and she is certain he has an interesting story to tell, the hard part is finding a way to convince him to let her be the one to tell it. When she gets an interview with him she is certain they are getting somewhere, but not the somewhere she was hoping for, well maybe a little...he makes it so damn hard to stick to the plan. Instead of getting the tell all story she was looking for, she gets a first hand glimpse at his stick... and much more! Now she finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place, she wants her story, but she is worried about hurting him by exposing his secrets, and knowing if she doesn't do something quick her paper will face it's demise!

Tyler Kane has secrets, ones that he has went to great lengths to protect, they are a little shameful and if they got out it could hurt his loved ones... and possibly his career. So, when a certain beautiful reporter comes knocking wanting to write a story about his personal life, he wants to send her packing, but there is something about her that intrigues him. So, instead of sending her back where she came from, he invites her into his world hoping to explore this thing that is brewing between them, and before long he finds himself traveling down a path he never thought he would go down again. The more time he spends with the her, the harder he falls, and the closer she gets to his secrets, now he must decide if he is ready to tell them... or let her go!

Once again Ms. Quinn has dazzled me with her exquisite writing talents, and given me another book boyfriend to fall hard for, Mr. Kane lured me in from the first page and by the second I was a goner for the sexy hockey star!! His story made me laugh a time or two, had me blushing more times than I can count, and moved me beyond words a few times... it was amazing!! If you haven't had the opportunity to meet the men from Ms. Quinn's Face-Off series I recommend you remedy that ASAP, not only are you missing out on some exceptional reading, but also the opportunity to meet some truly unforgettable characters that are sure to charm their way into your heart!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.


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