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Risking It All
Series: Hidden Falls #3
Author: T.J. Kline
Publisher: Avon Impulse
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5 Heartfelt ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

The next heartwarming romance in T.J. Kline's Healing Harts series!

Andrew McQuaid wasn't always the local playboy. Once upon a time, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with one woman-Gia Mancuso. When he made a mistake and lost her, he decided he wasn't meant to have a happy-ever-after. Now, Gia's come back to town, with a baby in tow, and it might just mean a second chance at forever, if he can convince her that he never stopped loving her.

Ten years after leaving, Gia finds herself back in Hidden Falls. Between helping her ailing father save the family restaurant and taking care of the baby her sister left on her doorstep, she doesn't have time for the man who once broke her heart. But Andrew is all grown-up now, in every single way. And the part of her that has always been his can't quite say no to his tempting kisses.

Just when Gia begins to open her heart, a devastating secret emerges that threatens to destroy her family and any future with Andrew. Are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of their past or can Andrew convince Gia that she's always been his one and only?

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T.J. Kline

T. J. Kline was raised competing in rodeos and Rodeo Queen competitions since the age of 14 and has thorough knowledge of the sport as well as the culture involved. She writes contemporary western romance for Avon Romance, including the Rodeo series and the Healing Harts series. She has published a nonfiction health book and two inspirational fiction titles under the name Tina Klinesmith. In her very limited spare time, T.J. can be found laughing hysterically with her husband, children, and their menagerie of pets in Northern California.

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The Hidden Falls Series:

Making The Play (Book #1)

Grant McQuaid has dedicated his entire life to his football career. Now an injury threatens his place on the team and he’s forced to return home to rehabilitate. But when he meets his “biggest fan,” a precocious, blue-eyed, hearing impaired boy named James—and his beautiful mother, Bethany—Grant begins to question whether football is the future he still wants.

Bethany Mills has been doing just fine since her husband walked out on them… and she definitely doesn’t need another man to disappoint her—or her son. But when James runs into his hero at the park, Bethany admits there is a void in her son’s life that she just can’t fill. Her attraction to the handsome football star is undeniable, but a man in the limelight is the last thing she wants for herself, or James.

Grant doesn’t want to subject Bethany to the chaos of dating a professional athlete. But the more time he spends with her and James, the harder it is to resist making a play for her heart…

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Daring To Fall (Book #2)

Emma Jordan has returned home after her father’s death to run the animal sanctuary that had been his legacy. But strange things start happening, and it seems that someone is out to shut her down, someone who doesn’t mind putting lives in jeopardy to see it through. When Hidden Falls’ sexiest fireman starts to ask questions, Emma needs to make sure his charm doesn’t distract her from keeping her dreams alive. 

Ben McQuaid has an obligation as a local fireman to protect the community, even from a well-meaning wildlife veterinarian who’s in way over her head. But, it’s becoming hard to keep his loyalty to the town and his desire for the pretty vet separate. As Ben and Emma become caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, their feelings for each other are growing. 

Will they let duty drive them apart or will they dare to fall?


In her family, Gia Mancuso has always been known as the responsible one... her sister, not so much, and time after time Gia has been the one expected to clean up her sisters messes. But this time "the mess" forces Gia to face a hurtful past that she walked away from ten years ago, and the wounds from it are still a little raw. Returning home to Hidden Falls is something Gia usually tries to avoid, but now that she has found herself  the guardian to her sister's newborn daughter, and the livelihood of her families restaurant on the verge of collapsing, she doesn't really have a choice other than to return home and face the music. But once she is there she realizes that this 'little mess" left behind by her sister is far bigger than she initially expected, and it has her depending on a man she never thought she would put her faith in again...

Andrew McQuaid has spent the last ten years of his life trying to rid his mind and heart of memories of a certain dark haired beauty, but no matter how many dates he has been on she always finds a way to remain a constant in his life. He has yet to meet a single woman who could even come close to comparing to her, and it kills him to know he may never find that again. So, when he learns that she is returning home to help her family he knows this is fate telling him that this is his one and only shot to right the wrongs of the past, now he just has to figure out a way to get her to talk to him. Maybe, just maybe, he can convince her to give him a second chance to prove that they were meant for one another, but before he can even start to work himself back into her good graces her deviant sister decides to throw a wrench in his plans...

This beautifully crafted story of forgiveness and undying love packed a serious punch, it didn't take long for it to seep into my soul and start toying my emotions, page after page I found myself struggling to digest all that these two endured, and moved by every bit of it. Gia and Andrew lured me into their world, had me completely captivated by chapter two and by the third I knew that there was no way in hell I was walking away until I had devoured every last word. With every set-back that they faced I began to wonder if they would ever get to a place where they could just let go and let love lead them back to where they belonged, and without giving to much away I will just say have faith my friends. I have to say with each new installment in this series I'm finding that I am continually surprised and beyond impressed with what I find, just when I think I have found my favorite, Ms. Kline ups her game and has me changing my mind!! This is hands down one of the best reads I have settled down with this year, and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!! 

Highly recommend you meet the McQuaid's, their stories will leave you inspired, renew your faith in the power of love, and curl your toes... all in one shot!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.

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