Served Hot By Marie Harte Hits Shelves Today!

Served Hot
Series: Best Revenge #2
Author: Marie Harte
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Releases: November 13, 2017

One little lie, one huge grudge, and one picture-perfect plan for revenge…

Blackmailed into a prom date by the cute but geeky Dexter Black twelve years ago, Maya Werner shocked herself by having a good time. For a strong-willed, hot-tempered artist who’s used to having the upper hand, that’s never sat well with her.

At weekly wine night with her friends, Maya finds herself pledging to get revenge on the men who’ve done her wrong—starting with Dex. Except the Marine Corps transformed the nerd into a hot, sexy guy with the audacity to blackmail her again. This time into a few dates.

Dex is back in town with one goal in mind: to win the girl of his dreams. But he knows how she operates. His strategy? Keep her off balance by running hot and cold until she melts into the passion between them.

When a misunderstanding stokes old hurts, Maya backs away when she should stand her ground. But Dex has a contingency plan: pour on the charm with both barrels, until he has his own form of revenge—loving Maya, forever.

Warning: Blackmailing a stubborn, hot-tempered artist into bed, and an ex-Marine who has a penchant for taking pictures. Yeah, those kinds of pictures.

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Caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Marie Harte has over 100 books published with more constantly on the way. She’s a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she’s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after. Visit and fall in love.

Dexter Black has arrived back in town with a mission... to win the heart of the woman who captured his back in high school. Only problem is that back then she didn't know him as anything more than the geeky boy who tricked her into being his date for prom.. but things have changed, and he is not that boy anymore. The man he has grown into has an arsenal of skills he honed in the Marine Corps., and he isn't afraid to use every last one of them to complete the mission!

Anytime Dexter Black is mentioned Maya Werner she thinks of the geeky high school boy who blackmailed her into being his prom date. And while she had a little fun, she has never forgotten someone getting one up on her, it irks her still to this day, and she'd love to exact a little revenge... if only she had the chance!

Served Hot is a very sexy and captivating story that will satisfy all your reading needs and leave you tempted to learn more about the other characters in this series! From the moment I started this one it had me hooked, there is nothing like a scorned woman looking for a little revenge, and a dedicated man determined to win the heart of the woman he loves... translation serious fireworks!! Loved this one, it had heat, humor, sass, and a whole of lot heart! Highly recommend you get your hands on this one, you will not be disappointed with what you find!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.


Entangled Publishing (via NetGalley)


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