Beautiful New Story from Nicole Jacquelyn!

Unbreak My Heart
Author: Nicole Jacquelyn
Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)
Release Date: June 7, 2016
Red's Rating: 5 STARS

The minute Kate Evans met Shane Anderson she knew they were meant to be together forever, they became fast friends, and she was certain the next step in their relationship would be love, and eventually marriage, but he didn't quite see things that way. She went from being the center of his attention to watching him marry her best friend, and it was beyond excruciating. It was one thing for him to cast her aside for someone else, but then to have him move on and act like she meant nothing to him and live the life they should be living together, with her best friend Rachel was all together devastating. She didn't want to lose her friendship with Rachel so she buried her feelings for Shane, and tried to be a good friend, and carry on like he never meant anything to her, but no matter how hard she tried he always found a way into her thoughts. She knew she shouldn't give him a second thought after his betrayal, and especially after the way he chose to completely ignore her existence, but she just couldn't find it in herself to let him go. With he and Rachel's ever growing family, and his deployments, Rachel was left alone to care for their children, and before long Kate found herself helping out and being a secondary parent to their kids. Her bond with their children meant the world to her, and being their for Rachel had become a constant in her life, but nothing could prepare her what would come next... Rachel's unexpected death takes her from being a secondary parent figure to a mother figure the children so desperately need and also has her sharing a home with the man she has tried so hard to let go of...

Everything in Shane Anderson's life gets turned upside down when he gets a frantic call from his wife's best friend telling him that his wife is gone, that she lost her life in a car accident. The news of losing the love of his life is almost more than he bare, and the reality that he is now a single parent to four children is beginning to set in, and he can't begin to fathom how is going to get through all of this on his own. That's when he turns to his wife's best friend for help, having her around is unsettling, and brings up feelings he thought he'd long since buried, but he knows that there is no one else that he can trust with the lives of his children. She steps right in and things start to fall into place, and it scares him because it all makes sense...too much sense, and it has him feelings things he knows he shouldn't, things that will change everything!

From the moment I cracked this book a powerful feeling settled over me, and I immediately knew I was about to embark on something truly special, something that was about to consume me and leave me raw and emotionally the best possible way! And true to my thought it did, the instant these two beautiful souls waltzed on the page I was completely captivated by them, and fully invested in every facet of their lives, I couldn't help but to be addicted to their story. I felt the intensity and passion behind every word, felt the sting of every disappointment, and struggled to keep the tears at bay the whole way through!! I have to say that this is BY FAR one of the best reads I have had the pleasure of settling down this year, and have wholeheartedly loved from start to finish!! Ms. Jacquelyn has written something truly remarkable here and I am certain that she will have no problem at all winning readers over with this one, it is one of those reads that will hit you deep down in your soul, and literally steal the breath from your lungs!! 

Breathtakingly beautifully story that is sure to invade your soul and renew your faith in the power of true love!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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