Heartfelt New Release from Codi Gary!

One Lucky Hero 
Series: Men in Uniform #1
Author: Codi Gary
Publisher: Avon Impulse Publishing
Red's Rating: 5 Sexy Stars

Sgt. Dean Sparks likes having the freedom to roam, so the idea of a commitment would normally send him running in the other direction, but the minute Violet Douglas walks into his life, his normal aversion to relationships and feelings start to escape him. She is beyond gorgeous, somewhat of a smart ass, and knows how to push his buttons in a way that no one else can, and all she is asking for is one night, and while that maybe tempting there is a part of him that is certain she isn't really that kind of girl. The more time he spends with her the more he realizes that she deserves more than a one night entanglement, she deserves someone who can give her more of a forever kind of thing and he knows he's not that man... but as much as he tries to fight his attraction to her she remains adamant that what she needs is just a night of fun, and she believes he's the perfect man for the job! 

Between work, taking care of her siblings, and going to school Violet Douglas's plate is pretty full, she doesn't have time for romantic relationships and her social life is almost non-existent... but she wouldn't have it any other way! She doesn't have the time or space needed in her life for another person, but that doesn't stop her from occasionally dreaming of forever. The minute she took over caring for her siblings her forever was placed on hold indefinitely, so now she just has to settle for an occasional hook-up here and there to tide her over until it's time to finally find her forever. When she agrees to attend a concert with her best friend she is looking forward to finally letting loose, and having the freedom to just be herself for one night and if she finds a male companion for the night then so be it! She was ready for anything, but nothing could have prepared her for meeting the slightly irritating, but OH SO SEXY Sargent Dean Sparks! 

After finishing the first book in this series I was left dying to get my hands on the next and have the opportunity to get up close and personal with another one of Ms. Gary's Heroes... and I have to say meeting Sargent Sparks DEFINITELY made up for the wait!! The minute this brooding, sexy soldier walked onto to the pages I was hypnotized by his charisma, smooth one liners, and fierce protective nature, and he managed to keep me under his spell long after the last page was swiped!! There is just something so sexy, and admirable about a take charge alpha that has his woman's best interests at heart and will stop at nothing to make her happy, and see to it that she gets everything she deserves and Mr. Sparks was nothing short of amazing when it came to caring for Violet. Even though she was adamant that she could do things on her own, he found a way to help her out, and be her saving grace without making her feel like less of a woman, and that is one thing I loved about him the most!

I have to say that there isn't a single thing about this story that I didn't absolutely love, it shined a light the importance of being an independent woman, embracing your inner strength and knowing that even though you are capable of standing on your own to feet, sometimes it's okay to let someone else take lead once in a while too!! Ms. Gary has totally outdone herself with this one... it is one of the best reads I have had the pleasure of devouring this year, and I HIGHLY recommend you make a point to read this book...it is inspiring, heartwarming, and truly spellbinding!!

ARC requested through Edelweiss, and kindly provided by Avon Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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