Cover Reveal For Between The Waves by Ellie Malouff !

Between The Waves
by Ellie Malouff 
Publication Date: June 28, 2018 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

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Life for former pro-surfer Jake Garrant moves pretty slow in the small town of Manalua, Hawaii until one day a mysterious black haired beauty in a Cubs cap asks for surfing lessons. He commits to six lessons and does his best to keep it professional, but he can’t help falling for a woman named Audrey Logan. As each lesson goes by, the heat between them grows and they give into their desires, until one day they’re forced to face the ultimate riptide. 

Ellie Malouff

Ellie Malouff has been dreaming up stories for as long as she can remember. As an avid reader, she loves getting lost in books and decided one day to give a little back to the literary world with her own contribution. When she’s not writing, you can find her parked on the couch in Colorado with her husband, kids, and cats. She loves traveling to Ireland whenever she gets the chance. 

Jake and Audrey Make Up Constellations and Have Their First Kiss from Audrey’s POV

Jake leans back on his elbows and looks up at the sky. I follow his move. 

“I feel like I’ve been taking all the best parts of Manalua for granted. You’re helping me look at it through a fresh lens,” he says.

“Good. I’m glad I can give back something to you.”

“Do you know your constellations?” he asks.

“Of course, I do,” I answer and point up to some random assortment of stars. “That’s Sharkemis, see it?”

“Sharkemis?” he asks cynically.

“Yeah, Sharkemis. The Greek god of sharks. He knew how to tame them and keep them away, kind of like an Aquaman, St. Patrick hybrid.”

His chuckle at my fake constellation hits me in the heart. I love the sound of his laugh.

“Well, do you know about Shellsopholes?” He starts tapping at stars that may, in fact, be the big dipper. 

“There?” I ask, pointing at some different stars. I admit it. I want to see his next move.

He scoots closer to me and takes hold of my hand in his. He points up at the sky and taps the stars he wants me to see. His touch sends a rush of flutters through my chest and I take a deep breath. I’m enjoying this game. “Oh right, Shellsopholes. I’d forgotten all about it. Remind me about his story.”

“Wow. I thought you were smart.” I turn his way in mock disgust and he laughs a little. “Okay, well Shellsopholes was the Greek god of seashells. No one took him seriously, so he barfed seashells on the beaches of Earth, so everyone would hurt themselves stepping on his creation.”

“Right, right, right, Shellsopholes. How could I forget?”

“Yeah, that guy was a real dick.”

We both laugh and I fall back into the sand, not caring a bit that I’m going to need another shower tonight. Jake turns and gazes down at me. 

“I’m happy you stumbled into my shop and stole those sunglasses, newbie.”

“I’m happy, too,” I tell him.

His eyes flash to my lips and back up to my eyes. I know an important moment is coming and I have to decide what to do. My mind thinks it would be best to retreat, to turn away from that handsome face and those lips that look like they could devour me in the absolute best way possible. But my body wants his kiss. It wants to know what it’s like to enjoy the feel of someone again.

Screw it. I want to kiss him.

I reach up and place my hand on his cheek, brushing my fingertips over his ear. His eyes close a little long on a blink and he puts his hand on my hip.

“Newbie,” he whispers, and I’m relieved he didn’t say Audrey.

“Thor,” I whisper back and that makes the little lines beside his eyes crinkle in happiness.

He rubs his nose against mine. Once, twice, and a third time as his lips lightly graze over mine and I’m undone. I want this. I want him. I slip my hands into his hair and he rewards me with a deep hum that reverberates down my spine, all the way to where my thighs meet. His eyes close fully and mine do too, not even a second after. Suddenly, I can’t tell where my heavy breath begins and where his ends. We’re synchronizing and it’s sexy as hell. The need is very real.

Finally, his lips make the contact I’ve been craving, soft at first, but full on my mouth. There’s a little growl in his throat as he pulls back ever so slightly and kisses me again, this time while running his hand down from my hip to my thigh and giving it a squeeze that dares to bruise me, he’s that strong.


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