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by Cecy Robson 
A Carolina Beach Novel, #3 
Publication Date: August 15, 2018 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Standalone


Hale Wilder, aka the Anaconda of Wall Street, spent his childhood fighting to be the best to win his father’s love. He was the best student and the best athlete, who grew into a successful businessman and took the finance world by storm. Want to retire before you’re forty-five? He’s got you. Need your millions to be billions? He’s your man.

Young, rich, and powerful, Hale was unstoppable, until a company scandal destroys his reputation and threatens to bring down everything he’s bled for.

Becca Shields is the kickass public relations goddess spinning scandals to gold and launching has-beens into superstardom. She never expected to see Hale again—not following the humiliating night when her family caught them on the beach, barely clothed.

When Becca discovers Hale is in trouble, she can’t turn her back on the boy who was once her world and the man she never forgot.

Hale never thought he’d have another shot at greatness or with Becca. Now that he has both, he won’t let either go without a fight.

*NOTE* Although a part of a series, INFINITE can be read as a complete STANDALONE and features a new couple!


INSEVERABLE (A Carolina Beach Novel, #1)

ETERNAL (A Carolina Beach Novel, #2)

I shut the TV off when she turns to answer the next question. Not because I don’t want to keep watching, but because I do. Jesus Christ in heaven. When the hell am I going to get over this woman?

“Did you turn it off?” Sean asks.

There’s enough sound coming from his end of the line that I can still hear Becca’s voice. Unlike me, Sean is still watching. He and Becca remain close, but then again, they never got as close as Becca and me got on that beach.

“I have work to do, Sean,” I say, trying to keep my voice casual. “Anything else you want to tell me?”

“Yeah.” He takes a sip of his drink. “I think Becca broke off her engagement.”

I straighten, every muscle along my spine turning to stone. For once, I’m glad Sean’s not around. I don’t want him to see me like this. 

“To the owner’s son, Paris,” Sean adds. “Hmm. Or is it Lynda? Could be Brooklyn or maybe something fancy like Minnesota. Whatever his name is, he’s out of the picture. Did you see? She’s not wearing a ring no more.”

I didn’t bother looking, but if Sean’s telling me, it’s because he did look. Ever since learning she accepted that jackass’s proposal, I’ve forced myself to stop wondering what could’ve been between us. Who the hell am I kidding? I’ve never stopped wondering about us. How her hair fanned over my shoulder and the feel of her when I climbed on top of her.


Cecy Robson is an author of contemporary and new adult romance, young adult adventure, and award-winning urban fantasy. A double-nominated RITA® Finalist, Winner of the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and published author of more than twenty titles, you can typically find Cecy on her laptop or stumbling blindly in search of caffeine.

Connect with Cecy online: 


Hale Wilder hasn't always been popular among the rich and famous, once upon a time he was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks; one who wanted "the girl" from the right side, but was never quite good enough in her families' eyes. Growing up he spent hours upon hours secretly swooning over his best friend Becca Shields, she may have come from the ritzy side of town, but she never acted like it, nor did she treat him and his buddies differently because of it. But her family always made sure to put him in his place, often showing him that he wasn't what they wanted for their precious Becca, but little did they know, Becca loved him just as much, and didn't care at all what their opinion on the matter was. That is until one night she professed her feelings for him, and it caused an uproar, one that left them both broken-hearted and alone.

Through the years they have secretly kept tabs on one another through their mutual friends, but never really finding the perfect time to reunite and hash out all their old issues. Every time they have ran into one another at a party or something, it was always a bad time, but fate has decided it is time for them to get things worked out once and for all. Hale has just found himself in a whole heap of trouble with the government, and Becca just so happens to be the perfect person to help him clean up this blemish on his reputation. Now these two find themselves thrust together to sort out Hale's mess, and of course deal with all this reignited chemistry that is swirling around them too!

Infinite is breathtaking tale brimming with heartrending emotion, sizzling chemistry, and unimaginable loss. Be prepared to have your heart wrecked by this one; the moment these two wounded souls walked onto the page I was completely taken with them, and mesmerized by every word of their touching reunion. This was such an enjoyable read; it had the angst and emotion I crave, the sizzling chemistry to keep things nice and hot; and two characters that completely stole my heart, I could not have loved them more! I highly recommend you get your hands on this one, it is certain to wreck your heart, in the best possible way!!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.


  1. What a wonderful feature of Infinite. I appreciate you taking the time to join the tour and your kind words.

    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed meeting these wonderful characters!


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