Hot Little New Release From Nicola Marsh!!

I had the privileged of reading and reviewing this spicy little addition to the Bombshell's series this week...and it is HOT!! Definitely a series you should add to your reading list!!

Nicola Marsh has outdone herself once again! She has provided readers with a highly addictive story packed full of passion, sexy banter and wickedly entertaining characters! I absolutely loved this short, but oh so good story, Wyatt Harrison had me smiling like a fool the whole way through!

Wyatt Harrison prefers to surround himself with the company of computers, and maintain his usual place in the background, unlike his brothers who tend to draw attention wherever they go. Being in their shadows is something he grew accustom to a long time ago and it has always provided him with a certain level of comfort. He is use to beautiful women always noticing his brothers first, and witnessing them fall all over themselves just to gain their time and attention, which makes his current predicament so baffling. While working on implementing a new IT program at Bombshells Burlesque Club he happens to gain the interest of a beautiful redheaded dancer who is dying to get to know him. His first inclination is to run, because this has never happened to him before, and he's sure she is playing games, but then he decides to have a little fun with her, and turn the tables on her. He figures if he turns on the charm, and acts interested,  she'll get spooked and run the other direction, and the game will be over. Only problem is that she's not playing a game, she's ready to see if this computer nerd can teach her a thing or two...

I highly recommend you add this series to your reading list, and acquaint yourself with the Harrison brother's, they will steal your heart, and leave you highly satisfied!

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