Very Engaging First Read!

This was my first encounter with this authors work, and I must confess, it left a really good first impression, so much so, I plan to read the other books in the series! 

I was a little concerned at first that I may have trouble following along with this being the third installment in the series, and not having read the previous books, but surprisingly that wasn't the case at all! I think this book could easily be read as a stand alone title, however, with that being said I can't imagine you reading this book and not having the dire urge to read the other two in the series. It was a very entertaining and engaging read, and I ended up pulling a late night read fest just so I could finish it!! 

The story line was very easy to submerse myself into, and provided with me with a great little literary escape. The characters had undeniable smoldering chemistry, which made for a nice and spicy read. 

I Highly recommend this book, it definitely has it all; suspense, toe curling romance, like-able characters, and very engaging plot!!


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