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Prince Nicky has arrived! Make sure you one click this sizzling read by Robin Covington, it is highly satisfying!!

This story was a refreshing change of pace for me, and something a little out of my reading comfort zone. I normally steer clear of stories involving royalty, and have struggled in the past to find interest in stories of this nature, but I'm happy to say I'm glad I veered off course and gave this story a try. I knew going into the story that I normally really enjoy Ms. Covington's writing style, and usually don't have any trouble getting interested in her story lines, so I had faith her story would win me over and it totally did. I was immediately pulled into the story, it was highly addictive, so much so, I ended up pulling a late night read-fest and reading the whole book in one sitting. Nick and Isabel had amazing chemistry, and it was clear from the start that they were meant to be together, however, the rode getting there was very challenging for them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their story and would love to see Ms. Covington write a update to their story! 

I highly recommend you acquaint yourself with the tantalizing Prince Nicholas....he will have you wishing you could be his Queen!

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