New Release Day!!

Make sure you add this book to your "one click" list today!! It is a stunning debut by Scarlett Cole!!

This was a very impressive debut for Ms. Cole, her writing style lead me to believe she was a best selling author, with a number of books under her belt! I was so enamored with this book that I immediately went to Amazon to purchase more of her books only to find that this was her debut novel! She has definitely found herself a place on my "Must Read Author" list.

This is a story full of raw emotions, intensity, and passion, and it immediately pulled me in and didn't let go until the last page was turned. I liked the premise of the story and dynamic between the characters Harper and Trent. They had this innocent instant chemistry, and their relationship starts off as sort of a business-like relationship, but with each new encounter they begin to see more in each other, and build trust in one another, and it slowly starts to build into something more. It was a beautiful thing to watch Harper discover her new path in life, and see her find strength in herself, and become more confident with each passing day. This story had a very realistic feel to it, and was beautifully executed, definitely one of the best debuts I have read this year! I highly encourage you to read this book, you will not be disappointed, it is a beautifully written story of redemption and self discovery!


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