Are You Ready To Get "Rocked by the Billionaire?"

Eight years ago Luke Blackwell walked away from the love of his life to pursue his musical dreams, and make something of himself without the aid of his families fortune. Leaving Kayleigh behind was the hardest decision he has ever had to make, but at the time he thought he was doing what was right for both of them... but he couldn't have been more wrong! He has dated other women, and had countless one night stands in an attempt to rid his memories of her from his mind, but no matter how hard he tries she always remains there in the back of his mind and is the muse for every song he writes. Living in the public eye, and keeping up with appearances for so long has started to take a toll on him and it's starting to effect his work, so his band mates and manager kindly suggest he make some changes or he is out of the band, so he decides it's time to go home. He is hoping a trip home will give him the reboot he needs, and hopefully help get his creative mojo back on track, and the possibility of seeing his muse again could certainly change his mood too... that is if she'll even agree to see him!

Kayleigh Taylor lost a part of herself eight years ago that she has spent everyday since trying to replace, but no matter how times she tries to bury the memories of him, and move on, they always find a way to resurface. The day that Luke Blackwell walked away from her to pursue his musical dreams, he completely destroyed her, and she has yet to find a way to forgive him. While she is happy for him and his successes she can't help but feel disappointed that he didn't think she was worthy of sharing that part of his life with him. Seeing his face plastered on magazine covers with other woman hurts far more than it should, especially since their sharing a part of his life with him that she always thought she would be there to experience. Just when she finds it in herself to move on and date someone new, Luke decides to waltz back into her life and ask for a second chance... leaving her to decide if she should let the past stay in the past, or give him a second chance to possibly break her heart.

Once again Ms. Baxter has completely won me over with one of her sexy Texan Billionaire's, barely a chapter into this story and that smooth talking Texan accent got to me and had me swooning!! As much as I tried to dislike Luke for breaking Kayleigh's heart he found a way to sneak in and totally redeem himself, between his take charge alpha demeanor and smooth one liners I was a goner!! As soon as I read the synopsis for this one I knew I was in for a real literary treat, and I am happy to report that my instincts were on point, this story had it all and SO MUCH MORE!! I have to say this is definitely one of my favorite second chance love stories to date!!

If you haven't had the chance to acquaint yourself with Ms. Baxter's Billionaire's I encourage you to remedy that immediately!!! Not only are you missing on some exceptional toe curling romance, but your also missing out on the opportunity to meet some truly charming southern gentlemen that are destined to leave an indelible impression on your heart!

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