Wrapped In You (The Monroes #1) by Jules Bennett Hits Shelves Today!!

Between the grief of losing his sister and demons that constantly haunt him from a accident in his past Zach Monroe feels like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Hurting Sophie, and almost taking the life of her and his brother is something he's never been able to forgive himself for, and it has kept him from every really moving on from his past. He has let his past turn into a bitter man, one who never lets anyone in, and one who has never really been able to find true happiness. He has never been able to quite get over his feelings for Sophie, and has often thought what it would be like to see her again, but he also knows seeing her again would dredge up old memories. After his sister's passing he decides to renovate the rambling old Civil War era property she owned as a way to honor her memory, which also also puts him in the path of the women who captured his heart so long ago...

Sophie Allen is looking to make amends with her past and possibly rekindle a relationship with the man who stole her heart many years ago. She knows that he is a wounded man, and carrying a lot of grief from the past, and she would love nothing more than to be the woman to help him through his pain, and possibly help him to find some happiness in his life again. Now she just has to find a way to sneak past his defenses and a way back into his heart...

This was my first time reading something from this author, and I have to say that her writing totally took me by surprise, and instantly made me regret not reading something by her before now... she completely won me over with this beautifully written story, and I look forward to reading more of her books in the VERY near future! This story pulled me in from the first paragraph and had me flying right through pages to see if Sophie and Zach would find the happily ever after that they both deserved. It was a touching story full of hope, promise, and gut wrenching grief that had the tears welling a couple of times. To say that this story will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions is an understatement...it is destined to have you reaching for the Kleenex box one minute, and leave you smiling the next! Definitely one of the best first reads I have had in a while, highly recommend it!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Kensington Books in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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