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Dani Carr has had a thing for star quarterback Tyson Palmer since she first laid eyes on him, but those feelings were never really returned, instead all she got was the opportunity to tutor him and a permanent spot in the friend zone. Spending everyday with him and knowing he didn't feel the same way was excruciating on her heart, but she never let it show, and just tried to do all she could to help him keep his grades up. After he begins a downward spiral with the help of drugs, Dani thinks she maybe the one person able to save him, but that idea is short lived after he sends her away with a broken heart. After college she made her move to the big leagues, and made a name for herself by calling the games from the sidelines as a reporter, full well knowing that at some point she may run into the quarterback that broke her heart all those years ago. She has long since tried to bury her feelings for him and put on a brave face, but the minute she sets foot on the Mavericks field and his eyes land on her everything she once felt for him all comes rushing back...

Tyson Palmer has always been the center of attention, in college being the star quarterback came with it's privileges, including plenty of booze and willing women. After indulging a little too much Tyson finds himself spiraling out of control and losing his starting spot on the team. People soon cast him aside and his dreams of playing in the NFL are slowly starting to slip away, no team wants a has been with a drug and alcohol problem. That is until the Austin Mavericks owner decides to step in and offer Tyson the chance of a lifetime, he offers Tyson the help he needs to get clean, and then offers him a job. Tyson doesn't have anything else to lose so he accepts the offer, and soon finds himself once again front and center in the spotlight, and playing the game he loves. With everything in his life moving in the right direction, he begins to look forward to his future, and the idea of eventually finding himself a wife, and having a family of his own. Which starts to bring back memories of beautiful girl he met in college whose always had a special place in his heart, he'd give anything to see her smiling face again...

This is beautifully written story captured my attention almost immediately and had me flying right through the pages in search of what I hoped to be a well deserved happily ever after for two well crafted characters who captured my heart right from the start. Ms. Evanovich has totally won me over with this story and found herself a well earned spot on my favorite authors list. This story had all the makings of a perfect romance story, it was packed with heart, emotion, and lots of toe curling romance... and a handsome football star that is sure to score a special place in your heart!!

Highly recommend you give this one a try, it is sure to warm your heart, and satisfy all of your reading cravings...and then some!!

ARC requested through Edelweiss, and kindly provided by William Morrow Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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