The Sutherlands: One Family Saga: 10 Sexy Stories Hits Shelves Today!!

This is a collection of sinfully delightful tales from ten truly gifted story tellers, each story follows a different member of the Sutherland family, and each told by a different author. From the moment I started this little reading adventure I was hooked, and left with an insatiable desire to learn more, so I treated myself to a little reading marathon and devoured it in less than a day!!

The Saga starts off with a highly engaging, and oh so sexy, read from Allison Bliss titled Foolish Expectations...this one was definitely one of my favorites!! Bailey Hobbs and Nash Sutherland's story captured my attention instantly, and kept me completely enthralled until the very end!! Bailey was looking for a fresh new start, never expecting a stop in a dive bar would end up giving her everything she wanted...and so much more!!

Next Up was Under An Evening Sky by Shyla Colt, and the story of January Sutherland and Flint Marston. These two had a history, he was stuck in a loveless marriage, and she wanted nothing more than to be with him, but it just wasn't their time... so she walked away. But after some time away she has decided to come home, and she is definitely pleased to learn he's no longer married... now she can't help but wonder if it's finally the right time for them?

From there is Shadow Ranch by Robin Covington, and the story of Eli Sutherland. Eli's life is somewhat of a mess, and he has returned home to sort things out and possibly find a place where he can belong. Which also puts him in the path of Texas Ranger Shep Lockwood, there is an instant attraction there, but life keeps getting in the way, and keeping them from getting to know each other...

Next you'll come across a delightful little story titled Brazen by Avery Flynn, and you meet Bianca Sutherland and Taz Hazard. These two are partners at work and play, and are hot on the trail of some deviant people selling a very harmful drug called Genie's Wish and they want to stop them and get it off the streets. Which proves to be a challenging little task for them and also puts their seemingly perfect relationship in question...

Next we meet Callie Sutherland from Screwed by Kelly Jamieson, and Callie's story just so happens to be one of my favorites from the saga. Callie is attempting to move on from a very painful divorce, and is taking a little "me" time, and trying to figure out her next move in life. She has no intention of finding a replacement for her ex anytime soon, but every time she needs a someone to save the day Cash Hale is there ready to help, and the more time she spends with him, the more she wants more than just a friendship. The problem is Cash is her ex-husbands best friend and business partner, and that's a line she just can't cross..

The next story is a sexy little read from Abby Niles titled Stripped, with this one you meet Madison Walker and her handsome boss Jaxton Sutherland. Madison is a single mother, working two jobs to keep her little family afloat, a secretary by day and a stripper by night. Everything seems to be working out fine until her day time boss discovers how she spends her nights, and he doesn't like it, he is a upstanding member of the community and he can't have one of his employees moonlighting as a stripper, so he causes a ruckus, and winds up getting her fired. But after he discovers she has a family to support he feels obligated to fix things...

Next up you'll meet Lexi Hanson who works for Mr. Hudson Sutherland in Wrecked by Terri Osburn.
She is on a mission to find a place to build her bosses new hotel, which also puts her in the path of Adam Logan... and he brings a whole lot of trouble to the table!! This one will keep you guessing until the very end!!

In Not the Marrying Kind by Julie Particka you'll meet trust fund princess Desiree Sutherland-Colt. Desiree is tired of being controlled by her overbearing parents and is in desperate need of a break from them and the current state of her life, so she flees, and is doing quite well until she her car breaks down and leaves her stranded in Detroit. And also puts her in the path of Gunner Norton...

Now to my favorite read of the bunch...One Forbidden Virgin by Joya Ryan. This one takes you front and center into the lives of Summer Villar and ever so sexy Jace Sutherland. Summer is a virgin and she is so tired of feeling like she is missing out on something because of it, so she devises the perfect plan to put a joyful end to her days of being the pure, and hopes it will move her a little closer to being a little sinful. She knows Jace is in the business of providing people with ways to live out their wildest sexual fantasies and she wants to employ his services... only Jace isn't so willing to help her out!

The final read is Sweet Surrender by Naima Simone, in this one you'll meet childhood friends Hayden Reynolds and Griffin Sutherland.  Hayden and Griffin were once in love, and then he walked away and broke her heart, and she has never gotten over him. When family business brings him back home, and puts the two of them unexpectedly back together again Hayden begins to hope it means there is hope for them after all...

ARC given in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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